About SCID

Sasi Creative Institute Of Design

Sasi is a well-known brand name from Coimbatore, synonymous with creative advertising and brand management for nearly half a century. The Sasi Group embarked into the fields of education close to a decade ago with the reputed Sasi Creative School of Architecture, accredited by Anna University. Sasi Creative Colleges’ students have consistently secured top University ranks and continue to achieve great heights in their professions.

Managed by the Swaminathan Rajalakshmi Educational Charitable Trust, The Sasi Group’s foray into the formation of Creative College of Design is one of its crowning moments as the founders have been in the sphere of creativity and design for many decades and to have an institution focusing on its core area is a long-term passion and dream. With this commitment to their legacy, Sasi Creative College of Design is set to be one of the best Design institutions in the world in the years to come.

Vision: COSMIC

The Time is fertile to Create. Welcome to the Abode of |Green | Inclusive | Quality-Concious | Academic Family. A School of Thought for the Innovators, Visionaries & Changemakers At the Sasi Creative School of design, we strongly stand by the principle of originality, innovation and individuality. It is these attributes that distinguishes the leader from the herd. Because, Innovation helps drive change, leading to groundbreaking ideas, products and services, thereby establishing new developed markets. Our mission at SCID is to build visionaries (Imagineers) and leaders who would challenge the existing trends and bring in incessant change, thereby building better societies. As it happens, even the universe works on the principle of, ‘Change is the only constant’. We at the Creative Institute of Design produce ‘Change makers’ and the much needed ‘modernizers’.

So what do we at the SCID stand by and vouch for? What is our vision for our nation and the world?

It is to form a Collective, Organic, Sustainable, Minimalistic, Inclusive Society. (COSMI)

  • For attaining the maturity needed in designers, it is necessary that our students make minimalistic choices over indulgence. To create, an intense bond with the nature has to be established. For, every art is but a copy of nature. Hence, transfer of knowledge happens best in students who chose to live life based on experiences rather than theoretical concepts. Also, we strongly believe that everything we desire happens on the other side of comfort.
  • Collectivism is our mantra. We believe that human networks and healthy societies can move mountains through collective consciousness. Each and every aspect at SCID has a profound thought process behind it. Our cozy and spacious corridors, white painted walls with thriving plants inside the campus and the specifically chosen trees and shrubs on the outside have been structured and laid out to inculcate curiosity.
  • With the way the world is functioning, it is an absolute necessity that we create individuals who have an organic thought process in their ways of life. Originality stems from having organic raw thoughts and not manufactured ideas. It is only then can the students who are the upcoming designers can propagate ideas that are sustainable, ,thereby maintaining an ecological balance.
  • Inclusivity is when your energies are in a beautiful union with the people and the surroundings. This can further help one inculcate a sense of intelligence required to understand people and create that which will be universally received. Diversity in societies and human complex thought processes can only be celebrated by being inclusive.
  • Connection: William James, a philosopher, psychologist and an educator feels that–
    “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”Brene Brown, an established author and an educator, defines connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. These thoughts by these educators completely resonates with our organization’s vision.

Knowledge Brigade

Learn from our critically acclaimed academic advisors and faculty from the best institutions in the world. This helps them bring the finest of teaching practices, methodology and curriculum to Creative College of Design on par with the best institutes worldwide. With a carefully selected group of research academicians and industry professionals to give the best blend of both worlds, all CCD professors and visiting faculty are specialized in multiple disciplines with real world and design education experience. This enables them to offer realistic teaching modules that help students learn the fundamentals of design, creativity, strategy and innovation by imparting key theoretical knowledge through experiential learning. Students thus gain immense practical knowhow that ensures they are career ready with valuable mentorship and guidance throughout their education.

Prof. Balaram Singanapalli


Prof. S Balaram Singanapalli is one of the foremost designers of India. He is the founder of the Craft Development Institute in Kashmir for the Government of India. He has headed as the Governor and Chairman of Education at the National Institute of Design (NID) and was the Founder Dean at D J Academy of Design and an Emeritus professor of CEPT University, India. An internationally acclaimed designer, he has four patents to his credit. He is also a well-known author and has been teaching for over four decades.

Prof.Balaram is the recipient of The Ron Mace International Award for Universal Design, The Helen Keller award for outstanding contribution to people with special needs, the UNIDO-ICSID award for Design for Development and has also been awarded an honorary Fellowship of Society of Industrial Designers of India for his contribution to the field of design.

He has been invited to speak at various international and national forums. One of the most significant international meetings organized by him was the ‘UNIDO-ICSID meeting on Design for Development’, the first such meeting to be held in a developing country. He was the first to champion the term ‘majority world’ to replace the derogatory ‘developing world’. Apart from innumerable stories, articles and essays in journals, he has published books such as- ‘Thinking Design’ (Second edition); ’Design quotes’ and sections in ‘Britannica Encyclopedia, ’Universal Design Handbook (second edition)’ and ‘Teaching Universal Design’.

He was on the advisory board of ‘Design Issues’, a journal of international repute. He was one of the keynote speakers at the Second IAUD conference 2006, Kyoto and third IAUD conference at Hamamatsu 2010.

Ananthapuram Gopinatha Rao 

Prof. A.G. Rao is an Adjunct Professor and a former Head of the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Bombay. Born in 1945, he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, and pursued his majors in Product Design at National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad. In 1980, he pursued a UNESCO fellowship and studied creativity at M.I.T (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

He has been teaching in IDC, IIT Bombay since the 70s and has been a motivating guide for over 150 M.Des projects. He designed the electronic voting machine for BEL. He has also designed around 20 products for companies like Crompton, Siemens, Thermax, L&T and Bamboo toolkit for UNDP.

He has passionately spoken on Design and Bamboo craft in Bali, Costa Rica, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, U.S.A and Europe. He started the Colour Fly Design Studios for the Meso group.

He has run workshops on Design, Creativity, product Innovation, Experiential learning and Bamboo craft for different groups like school children, designers and engineers in companies like Honeywell, Whirlpool International, NTU Singapore, Hyperwerk, and Basel, Switzerland. His positions held in the past include D.L.Shah Chair for innovation, Hon. Director, Boroplast Pvt. Ltd., President’s Nominee for Faculty Selections, IIT Guwahati. He is also the Managing Director of A.G.Bambu Style Pvt. Ltd. (Started under SINE, IIT Bombay).


Assistant Professor – Fashion Design

Ms. Priyadharsni R is a Fashion designer and an educator. She has associated with an international buying house specialised in trend reporting and has designed western wear in knits for various European brands and also for domestic ones. Due to her endless interest in exploring Indian traditional attires, she has managed, designed and developed a unique ethic wear with different embodiment techniques for her family boutique named TRENDY DANDY. She has also designed and developed jewelleries in fabrics, upcycled and sustainable materials at her boutique. As a fashion faculty in a fashion institute she is well known for organising fashion events and conceptual fashion shows. As a fashion stylist and event coordinator she has done a challenging task of styling sixty different looks of seamless garments. She has also coordinated a fashion show for an international organization named SHIMA SHIEKI for their collection launch.


Calligraphy (Master Class)

Mr. Nikheel Aphale is a calligrapher and graphic designer. He is passionate about calligraphy and letterforms, especially Devanagri script and is currently working at the intersection of design and art through commissioned art and commercial calligraphy projects, alongside mainstream graphic design assignments. Nikheel has designed many book covers for leading publishers from India using calligraphy & hand lettering. His calligraphy practice primarily emphasizes on the abstraction of letterforms, which further gets translated into different mediums, be it paintings, logos or products. Nikheel is born as a Mumbaikar and is now based out at Delhi. He religiously collects matchboxes, vintage stuff and plain-notebooks. As an avid foodie and wanderer, he says that he is still figuring out the cliché of “How someone from Bombay is liking and adjusting to Delhi.”


Brand Identity

Mr. Pulak Bhatnagar is a Graphic designer and Illustrator based out of New Delhi, India. He is a communication designer by education and the founder of PulakB Design Studio at New Delhi, India. It is a full stack design studio specializing in Branding, Identity and UI design, Strategic Thinking and Storytelling. The studio also comprises Photography, Illustration, web design and development services.


Animation & Film Design

Mr. Prosenjit Ganguly is an independent Animation Film Designer. He is an alumnus and former faculty Member of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. He is a screenwriter, creative director, IP creator, stop-motion animator, voice artist and a media educator. His short films have been showcased in more than 20 countries winning three international awards. He has also been on the advisory board of NASSCOM’s Animation and Gaming division and was previously on the Advisory board of The Animation Society of Kolkata (TASK). He was also a part of the Working Committee of The Animation Society of India (TASI). He regularly conducts workshops for animation enthusiasts across the country, throughout the year.


Basic Typography & Basic Graphics

Mr.Jaya Govindan Menon has over 30 years of editorial and design experience working with mainstream publishing and corporate communication across print and new media. Over 150 cartoons are to his credit, published in The Hindu and Madras Musings. Interviews and features on his work have appeared in The Hindu, Business Line, New Indian Express, Industrial Economist and British Council’s Connect. He is a recipient of All India Kodak Award for Photographic Excellence (1987) and the Charles Wallace Award (1999) for Post-graduate studies in design in the UK. Many of his works have won national level awards for publication and corporate communication design. Menon has taught at the University of Madras, Asian College of Journalism and National Institute of Design (NID).



Ms.Mons Selvam, an Architect by education and an entrepreneur is the  present Guinness record holder of making the longest comic strip (351.7 meters) & is also a record holder of the Asia book. She is the founder of ‘Mons Selvam’, an illustration and product company and has also started educating young minds on the art of illustration through workshops. This workshop enables the students to understand the elements of composition, Principles of composition, Composition in 2D and 3D spaces. Additional objective of this workshop is to develop sensitivity towards visual perception, acquiring conceptual ability and the necessary skills for creating compositions using basic elements (point, line etc) and also to understand the visual dynamics that exists between any two or more given elements within a given format.


B.Arch (NIT Tiruchirappalli), M.A (BTU Cottbus, Germany), PhD (IIT Hyderabad)

Prof. Parthiban Rajagokuldas comes with an extensive experience of 19 years in architecture, research and design. His expertise lies in visual ethnography with regards to design and history of design thinking. He specializes in culture studies with an in-depth analysis of values and assessed the tangible and intangible aspects of the cultural heritage. He has also been a part of the UNESCO convention to share insights concerning heritage, conservation, history and theory of architecture and the basics of design


B. Arch (MIT, Manipal), M. Arch (Hindustan University, Chennai).a

Mr.Sridhar pursued his Bachelors from B. Arch (MIT, Manipal) and went on to major in Architecture form Hindustan University, Chennai. Mr. Sridhar specializes in residential architecture and interior design with an extensive experience of over three decades in this field. His pedagogical experience of Architectural education spans across 13 years. 


Coventry University

Dr.Simon Bell, a multilingual design consultant is a published author, a tutor, and an educational and book editorial / design consultant. He has authored a children’s book titled, ‘I’m Amelia Rate and no one else’. A pedagogical expert, his pursuits include Multimodal, Fiction, Non-fiction writing, Children’s illustrated fiction, Children’s digital news, Translation, Adaptation, Language Teaching, Critical Lexicon, Essay Analysis, Text Correction, Academic Writing Book Proposal, Publishing, Editorial, Online course development / teaching and Writing applications.

The Creative College Campus

The campus is designed scientifically to aid and enhance ones creativity. To start with, this is not a typical campus with long corridors and rooms. The spaces here are designed with responsive human behaviour at its core. As you walk through the campus there are a lot of touch points that have been specifically created and placed to trigger ones creativity at a subconscious level. Some of the touch points are the use of models room, white board area as a “walls of thought”, transparency to bring a sense of ease and to remove mental road blocks, open spaces to facilitate social collaboration, and natural elements to soothe and to get inspired.

To complement the above creative philosophy Creative Colleges campus is located at Myleripalayam, on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway, just a half an hour’s drive from Coimbatore station. This place is well connected by air, road and railways, making it easily accessible from anywhere.



The physical environment of the campus is structured to induce the young minds to exercise their creative faculties. All the classes are conducted in Hexagon- shaped rooms which have no blind spots, thereby bringing the whole classroom together, leaving no student out. Our classrooms have ‘Idea walls’ where students can express their creative thoughts. Such classrooms designed with the recommendations of educational psychologists to maximise the potential the students have, to learn a concept within a specific amount of time.

For a professional, working as a part of a team is very important. Creative Colleges encourages collaborative learning among peers, as this facilitates a low-anxiety atmosphere wherein acquisition, rather than learning, takes root on a subconscious level.

Creative Colleges encourages extra-curricular activities and sports. The institution provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor games. There are informal study area in and around the college is where nature study and life sketches takes place. Students also try out life size installations in these areas.

The campus is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure such as Digital Classrooms, Studios, Art rooms, Conference room, Computer Lab, Workshop, Seminar Hall, Auditorium, Fashion Studio, Drafting Studio, Digital Lab and Student Lounges. There is a full- fledged library with latest national and international journals.

The college has full fledged Boys and Girls Hostels with all amenities to ensure students to feel that its their home. The day scholars are facilitated with comfortable vehicles connecting the different ends of the city.

The campus is located at Myleripalayam on the Pollachi Highway which is only 18 kilometres from the heart of Coimbatore city.