Campus Facilities and Infrastructure


Infrastructure is the backbone of these various activities. The idea behind the environment is a Creative Campus.


The word “creative” is inspired by every little thing around this campus. Every leaf that springs, every bud that blossoms, every shoot that grows inspires creativity in the minds of the students. The gentle breeze over this campus brings fresh ideas into their brains which results into world-class innovation.

The campus is designed scientifically to aid and enhance one’s creativity. To start with, this is not a typical campus with long corridors and rooms. The spaces here are designed with responsive human behaviour at its core. As you walk through the campus there are a lot of touch points that have been specifically created and placed to trigger one’s creativity at a subconscious level. Some of the touch points are the use of a models room, white board areas as “walls of thought”, transparency to bring a sense of ease and to remove mental road blocks, open spaces to facilitate social collaboration, and natural elements to soothe and to get inspired.

To complement the above creative philosophy Creative Colleges campus is located at Myleripalayam, on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway, just half an hour’s drive from Coimbatore station. This place is well connected by air, road and railways, making it easily accessible from anywhere. The campus is nestled in a lush, woody neighbourhood spread over natural landscapes. The three-storey building has state-of-the-art seminar and conference halls, art studios, workshops, library and student lounges, computer lab and design lab with full seating capacity for the ultimate comfort of students.


Our training programs have clearly defined and appropriate objectives. We maintain conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected and have been accomplishing them substantially. We provide a range of facilities to support our students in their studies and give access to a wealth of materials, equipment and information.

The physical environment of the campus is structured to induce the young minds to exercise their creative faculties. All classes are conducted in hexagon-shaped rooms which have no blind spots, thereby bringing the whole classroom together, leaving no student out. All classrooms have ‘Idea walls’ where students can express their creative thoughts. Such classrooms designed with the recommendations of educational psychologists maximise the potential the students have, to learn a concept within a specific amount of time.

The campus has lots of open spaces in the form of workshops, model rooms, art studios and so on. These open spaces inspire the design skills within each and every student.

For a professional, working as a part of a team is very important. Creative Colleges encourages collaborative learning among peers, as this facilitates a low-anxiety atmosphere wherein acquisition, rather than learning, takes root on a subconscious level.


The building houses a well-stocked library in the areas of architecture, design and management. The library has subscriptions for national and international journals. A reprography section is also provided. The campus also has a Digital Library facilitated by Delnet and CDS. Sasi Creative Colleges also has an institutional membership with the British Council Library.


This is another essential learning environment for Creative Colleges students pursuing design. As this is where they can use all sorts of materials to create miniature models, sets, prototypes and mock ups, it is equipped with working tables, sculpting tools and all requisite machinery to work with.


The colleges has art studio with drawing tables, light Box, facilities for live-modeling and abundance of natural light that is essential for an art environment.


The Seminar Hall can accommodate approximately 400 students. The space is equipped with a stage, projector, sound system, movable chairs and internet connection. Hence, it is suitable for conducting any seminars and workshops where students from multiple programmes can work together along with industry partners.


The Auditorium can accommodate approximately 100 students. The space is equipped with projector, sound system, auditorium style seating arrangements and Internet connection. Hence, it is suitable for conducting any seminars, screening of professional work or films. Here students across departments can attend theory-based classes or critiques together


Design Studio with movable tables, cutting mats and plenty of lights and space to move around is another important part of Creative Colleges. It also has few computers or plug-in facility for students who prefer to work digitally. It is a flexible arrangement where students can arrange the classroom according to the need of the subject matter being taught. It is also equipped with projector to support in conducting class.


Fashion Studio with big pattern cutting tables, sewing machines, dress forms and plenty of lights and space to move around is very important part of Creative Colleges where students can get a complete experience as appropriate for the industry. Studio is equipped with projector and plug-in facilities for laptops.


Drafting Studio with drafting tables, projector and boards to support the class.


Creative Colleges has large spacious digital lab, where every student works on an independent cutting-edge computers with equipped with all necessary software. The labs also offer numerous general-purpose software packages and tools.


Creative Colleges is also a WiFi campus, enabling a blended learning experience facilitating access to a world of knowledge within seconds, through high bandwidth connection and speed.


Creative Colleges provides separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The girls’ hostel is situated within the Creative Campus with round-the-clock security. It is a fully furnished block. The boys’ hostel is situated at a distance from the campus. The hostel has two blocks. Transport facility is available from the boys’ hostel.


The Institution owns several buses plying to and from major points in the city.


Creative Colleges encourages extra-curricular activities and sports. The institution provides for a wide range of indoor and outdoor games.


There are informal study areas in and around the college where nature study and life sketches take place. Students also try out life size installations in these areas. College has a defined area where outdoor activities can take place.


The Institution has a full service kitchen with complete equipment to cater to 1000 students. The quality and safety of the food is assured as the purchase of vegetables and provisions, and the preparation of food are done directly under the supervision of the management. Lot of care has been taken so that the food is in no way different from home food. Management, staff and students partake of the same food.


The Cafeteria comprises of 4500 sq.ft built-up area accommodating 600 students per shift. Every morsel tastes magnificent when consumed in such a natural ambiance.

Studio Houses

Learning happens in studios and auditorium augmented by lecture rooms and workshops.


  • Industrial Design Studio
  • Communication Design Studio
  • Fashion Design Studio
  • Interior Design Studio


The institution has 24-hour security with border walls and multiple security personnel employed full-time

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