Design Learning Programme Structure

International Internships

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world” – Albert Einstein.

With globalization being the newest of civilizations in itself, with citizens no longer being reduced to an ethnicity or a country, with an incessant growth of population that chooses to be referred to as the global citizens, understanding of the world and exposure to the ways of the world and international organizations is one of the essentials of a student’s curriculum at CSD.

Our students must be in par with the international standards, however, standing firmly rooted to the ground. From having a strong foundation to setting the mind free, this is our idea of a splendid designer. And we would leave no stone unturned for the students to achieve that stature.

Sponsored Projects

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world” – Albert Einstein.

No matter how much of a supreme knowledge is being imparted, it is the application of what is being learned that makes a difference in anybody’s life. What if Sir Isaac Newton had shrugged off the falling apple from a tree and gone back home? Would we have known of gravity today? What if he never applied the knowledge? What if he never gave it a thought and never worked further on it? What if those were just passing thoughts? what if he never did anything about it? How would the world have known of gravity?

Imagination is more important than knowledge said, Einstein. But what if the imagination never manifested in to reality? World must not have seen significant discoveries.

We at the Creative School of Design believe that each of the students must not only learn but also emphasis on its application, simultaneously. This initiative of having our students work on sponsored projects in big corporations that manufacture finished products and services will give our aspiring designers to have a real-time experience working on the latest technology. They would enjoy the opportunity of not only working in renowned organizations, but also offer their ideas of innovation for their pre-existing system of operations.

On-Site Diploma Project

Diploma projects at CSD are taken up during the final stages of their respective courses to immerse themselves in an ‘active learning’ experience.

These independent projects will help the students showcase their abilities and would serve as a ground of self-introspection to understand their basic skills better. They would get a fair idea of their strengths, adapting and developing the required skills while planning, conducting and documenting their subject matters. It is to help them strike a healthy balance between their project ambitions, available time period and reality.

Travel for Education

A tour is a short visit, but a travel is journey- a journey of significance, a journey with an intention. We at CSD send our students to established design houses and manufacturing units to give them a wholesome experience of the design concepts. The students are left faculty-free for the period of the travel. The students elect their respective heads and all the planning and implementation involved is left to be made by the students.

The idea of this programme is to help students develop and hone a holistic personality with a right concoction of Individualism, originality and street-smartness. Solo exploration makes individuals achieve a state of solitude from loneliness. And, travel education would be an opportunity to explore solitude and survival skills.

Living with People

This is a never before offered experiential programme. Ours is a developing nation and majority of our people are from the agricultural background. Living with people is to not just know what it feels to be a part of the marginalized communities, but to live it. This programme is designed to help the students understand what it truly means to be a part of a ‘developing’ nation. A good design always stems from necessity. You cannot design winter wear for extremely tropical regions that are hot and humid. One must design with an understanding of their surroundings. And to pertain to the Indian markets, a big section of our population belongs to the agricultural sector. Hence, understanding their lifestyle and their daily routine is of utmost importance for a wholesome learning experience.