Campus 360° View

Creative College Campus

The campus is designed scientifically to aid and enhance ones creativity. To start with, this is not a typical campus with long corridors and rooms. The spaces here are designed with responsive human behaviour at its core. As you walk through the campus there are a lot of touch points that have been specifically created and placed to trigger ones creativity at a subconscious level. Some of the touch points are the use of models room, white board area as a “walls of thought”, transparency to bring a sense of ease and to remove mental road blocks, open spaces to facilitate social collaboration, and natural elements to soothe and to get inspired.

To complement the above creative philosophy Creative Colleges campus is located at Myleripalayam, on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway, just a half an hour’s drive from Coimbatore station. This place is well connected by air, road and railways, making it easily accessible from anywhere.

Exterior Campus 360° View

Interior Campus 360° View