What are your Career Options?

One must be aware that everything is designed- not only the universe but also something as small as a safety pin to a National Highway. From basic necessities like home, food and clothing to luxuries like expensive couture, a designer will have opportunities in any of the corporate industries or independent houses across varied streams that make finished products.

A few among the plethora of career options include-

Communication Design

  • Staff and In-house designer
  • Freelancing Design Consultant
  • Brand Building Strategist
  • Graphics/Animation Designer
  • Book/Font/Website/Brochure/Branding products Designer
  • Educational Institution Faculty

Industrial Design

  • Product Designer (Furniture/Ceramic/Porcelain/Glass/Pottery)
  • Automotive Industry:
  • Vehicle Designer (Land/Air/Water Vehicles)
  • Land – Sports Cars & Bikes/Limited Edition Cars & Bikes, Trains, Road Vehicles, etc.,
  • Air – Aircrafts/Helicopters/Airplanes/Drones
  • Water – Luxury Cruises/Yachts/Container Ships, etc.,

Interior Designer

  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Film-Set Designer
  • Edifice/Villa Designers
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Home/Apartment/Closed Gated Society Designers

Fashion Designer

  • Start your own label of clothing/Boutiques/Retail chains
    (the likes of Sabyasachi Mukherji, Manish Malhotra, Coco chanel, etc.,)
  • Film/Television – Costume Designers
  • Design for other Fashion Labels
  • Design for Textile & Fabric Manufacturing Units