Who should study design?

Who should study design?

Are you driven by your intuition? Are you a passionate feeler, a dreamer? Do you question life and its ways? Do you look for intensity while you communicate? Does aesthetic and ambiance appeal to you more than anything else? Are your tastes and preferences unconventional? Do you seek refuge in music and arts? Do you love weaving stories? Most importantly, are you a story teller?

Those who understood design have brought in REVOLUTION, they have gone beyond mediocrity and have brought in newness.

We can look at design as the X-Ray of ground-breaking ideas and phenomenon that have changed the way the world works. All of us are born with super intelligence, but only a few among us sharpen it.

The Walt Disney company hires people who acquire this distinct vision and calls them ‘imagineers’. Designers of the world are those who can see the grand design behind every great occurrence or a phenomenon across different fields.

To simply put,
Designers are the visionaries, the mothers of invention.
Designers are futuristic, they are the masterminds planning on how the ideas, products, brands and services should look and function like.