Design today in India, has originated from an industry that makes a product or service look good to a business process that facilitates development;

To improve Infrastructure, Lifestyles, Socio-cultural issues, Education, Literacy – the list is endless.

Design education is an important tool in developing products and services that add meaningful value to the lives of people. Although this is just the trend, more and more businesses and small enterprises are looking at design as a process than just a business tool.

Investing in research and strategic design faculties is a growing trend in the global design industry. Design has become consumer centric. Every product or service created today absolutely needs to be designed around the end user. It is becoming more and more intuitive, interactive, friendly and multi-sensorial. Design facilitates meaningful innovations to give business that leading edge. The iconic examples of industries with this belief in design are world leaders such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. They symbolise the new wave of success design thinking has on businesses.

Today students are more aware of international design and most definitely have an opinion on every global topic of design innovation. Unlike the earlier generation, this generation intuitively know what is a good quality design. Intensely rooted in their own culture, students know what is good from foreign influences in design. If a student aspires to build a company such as Apple, design knowledge is the fundamental requirement that will unleash the creative potential.