GESTALT Laws by Prof. Balaram Singanapalli

A 4 days Interactive workshop on GESTALT laws of perception, which is a part of Space, Form & Creativity module, organized by SASI creative colleges.

This workshop is facilitated by Sasi Creative Institute of Design, Coimbatore at its Creative outdoor art studio that commenced from 12 September 2019.

This module is conducted by His Excellency Prof. Balaram Singanapalli, renowned Product Designer and Design educator and Students of B.Des. Industrial Design, B.Des. Interior Design and B.Des. Fashion Design were the attendees.

The aim of this workshop is to develop an understanding of the relationship between the forms/objects and spaces in any given composition and how subtle changes made to either affects the composition in terms of the story told/meaning conveyed.

The GESTALT laws of perceptual organisation are to understand how the mind tends to fill in missing information and how this phenomenon can be utilized in design. Prof. Balaram Singapalli has handheld the student with an effective and interactive approach on each law and induced its core essence to the students’ learning experience.