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Material Exploration Workshop – POP

A 2 days workshop on POP (Plaster of Paris), which is a part of Material Exploration module, organized by SASI creative colleges.

This workshop is facilitated by Sasi Creative Institute of Design, Coimbatore at its Creative outdoor art studio that commenced from 08 October 2019.

This module is conducted by Assistant Professor Sujimsha, Industrial Design & Assistant Professor Ramesh, faculty of fine arts and Students of B.Des. Industrial Design, B.Des. Interior Design and B.Des. Fashion Design were the attendees.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the students to tangible materials such as POP (Plaster of Paris) and explore various hand working techniques with those materials.

The students had an opportunity to understand the basic nature, fixing criteria, the material behaviour of Plaster of Paris in its both wet and dry form. Students did understand the modelling techniques from the POP blocks and modulating to various forms by using appropriate techniques.

The students have experimented the MOULD making techniques with POP by using various natural materials available within the college campus.